Monday, 27 July 2020

Netsuite to Planning Cloud - Part 5: How to give users access to run integrations

     Welcome to Part 5 of this 5-part blog where I share my findings and tips on how to configure the integration between Netsuite and PBCS using the in-built adapter.

    In this final blog, I go through how you can give end users access to run integrations themselves.

To recap:

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      Part 2 - Tips on setting up your Saved Search in Netsuite

      Part 3 - Tips on setting up Data Management in Planning Cloud

      Part 4 - How to set up Drill through from Planning Cloud to Netsuite

  **Part 5 - How to give your end users access to run the integrations**

It is recommended to only give this capability to so called "Local Admins" - selected individuals who can run the integration on behalf of their business unit on request. 
Data Management will create the security groups for you - a group will be created for each Location in Data Management, then you must assign the role to the group before finally assigning users to the group.

Step 1 - Creating the security groups

In Data Management, go to Data Management > Security Settings.

Select Add and enter a prefix and suffix.

Note: there must not be any spaces in either the prefix or suffix

In my example, I’ve entered DM (for Data Management) and RunIntegration as the suffix:

Step 2 - Assign the Create Integration or Run Integration role to the group

In Access Control, you should now find your newly created groups (one for each location)

e.g. My location is called NS_PRD_TBLoad_***, so the group is called DM_NS_PRD_TBLoad_***_RunIntegration

Go to Assign Appilication Roles and find the group with the Data Management Location you want to give users access to. Assign either the Create Integration or Run Integration role to it.

Create Integration: Gives unrestricted access to Data Management including the Setup tab.

Run Integration: Executes load rules and views logs.

Step 3 - Assign users to the group

Go to Manage Groups and assign the users requiring access to the integrations in the same way as any other group.

These users will clearly also need to be in another group which controls their security for the rest of the application (if applicable) e.g. for dimensions, rules, task lists etc

And that's all there is to it!

As always, if you have any questions, drop them in the comments below.

Thanks for reading :)

Ciao for now!